Acupressure for good health



Acupressure is an ancient technique using fingers and parts of the body to press key points stimulating the natural healing curing ability of the body.


Our body has 365 acupuncture points. Our body also has 12 Meridian pathways, which are very crucial for our health and well being.

Acupressure points also place along our spine.  Acupressure therapy is totally different from western medicine.

Acupressure theory states that our body has energy ‘chi’ which is the vital force of our body and are also in line with our meridians which is further connected to the brain and then connected to our organs.

Each specific meridian is connected to our internal organs and our whole body, therefore when stimulating these meridians and energy points we can stimulate the natural healing process within our body to get it cured naturally.


Following the Benefits of acupressure, you will get when you skillfully use the key acu-points in your body to stimulate and activating healing process naturally

Release stress  –  Due to stress the muscles contract and suppresses the nerves and veins resulting in obstruction in blood circulation.  When specific acupressure point is pressed with hands in circulation and anti-circulation direction with fingers this releases the blocked energy flow and thus relieves from stress.

Give relief from a headache, shoulder ache, neck ache

Calmn mind and body

Improves oxygenation  of blood  and circulation

Removal of toxic wastes

Increases energy levels


Improves blood circulation and other body fluids

Recovery from metabolism and immune system

Organs and system of the body get energized

Stimulation of acupressure meridians.

Reduces numbness and sciatica



Here is an acupressure point to get relief from constipation


When you use these points you will get quick relief.  Use these points intermittently or whenever you get time to start doing acu pressure on these points


Elbow joint

At the outer end of the elbow joint.


Benefits :- relieves from fever, constipation, and indigestion.  This point is a very effective position for the colon.


Valley  (V) point.  (Between the index and thumb, back of the hand)

Caution:- not to be used by pregnant women.


Benefits:- relieves from constipation, headache, toothache, shoulder pain, arthritis.

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