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Well in the age of machines where technology bringing new and more sophisticated equipment, gadgets to make human life more comfortable. Our body is also like a machine created by a genius and our mother earth has also given remedies and ailments to heal our body internally and externally also.

Aloe vera the miraculous natural has been used for ages to heal our body internally and externally.  It has many benefits and well known to everyone, mostly all household are using permanently.

Aloe vera is a plant having long leaves which contains water and jelly inside its leaves.  The long leaves of has a lot of gel like substance contain various types of proteins and vitamins which are vital in healing human body.  Let us know other benefits  aloe vera plant:-


  1. Used to protect from premature of aging.
    1. Wrinkles and thin lines are visible as we age. Aloe vera is used to cure early signs of aging.
    2. Take the gel from the leaves apply on your face before sleeping. Wash your face in the morning.  Do  this continuously and you will observe improvements in your skin.


  1. Improves the immunity of our blood or immunes system of our body.
  2. Cleanses internally.
  3. Good for our skin. When used continuously improves the texture of our skin making it more soft and shiny.
  4. Strengthens our hair. Aloe vera helps to strengthen our hair and ailment of other hair diseases.
  5. Drinking aloe vera juice maintains the moisture of the skin.
  6. Drinking aloevera juice cures skin imbalance, moles, dry skin, wrinkles, face spots, dark circles under eye.
  7. Anybody can use aloe-vera. Natural aloevera juice purifies the blood, improves haemoglobin, improves the quantity of blood counts in a body.
  8. Helpful in diseases like joint pain, diabetes, urine related diseases, toxin substances accumulated in body etc.
  9. Using aloe vera for long time can help maintain a healthy body.
  10. Drinking a glass of aloe-vera juice can reduce over weight.
  11. Can use aloe-vera juice as a mouth freshner.
  12. Using aloe-vera reduces hair fall.
  13. Can be used as a face also.


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