Home remedies for uric acid

What is uric acid?

When our kidney isn’t able to flush out acid properly, increases uric acid level in our body. Other symptoms that may lead to high uric acid level are – drinking alcohol in excess quantity, overweight, and diabetes.

Increase in uric acid may result in Gout disease.

Uric acid further accumulates in joints, causing inflammation with discomfort and pain.

Uric acid level for male is 3.4 to 7 mg/dL and 2.4 to 6 mg/dL for women.[1]

There are many options available at home.  You can select any convenient method.



A famous quote “ An Apple a day keep the doctor away” is rightly said.

Presence of malic acid in Apple that helps is lowing uric acid in the blood and many of other body ailments.

You must add an apple to your daily diet plan.  Try to eat one apple in the morning on empty stomach gives you the best result.

Apple cider vinegar

Take organic apple cider vinegar, which has pulp floating inside the bottle.

Take one to 3 tablespoons of vinegar in one glass of water.  Drink daily and your uric acid starts reducing.  But you may consult the doctor also before using these home remedies.

Far Infra Rays heat Therapy

It has been proven with recent research that Far Infrared therapy helps in relieving pain, removal of toxic substance outside the body.  FIR frequency warm heat expands capillaries resulting in blood circulation improvement and helps to get rid of toxic and other acidic waste out of our body.

FIR is beneficial results in many other diseases also like, insomnia, rheumatoid arthritis, hepatitis, high blood pressure, and many others.


Drinking plenty of water throughout the day helps kidney to flush waste materials properly.  Always carry a water bottle with you.  Drink water in small intervals.  Try to drink alkaline water.  Alkaline water reduces the acidic level and increases the alkalinity within the body.


Staying healthy is not a one day task.  It is a daily activity done in the routine with determination.  We all speak about health but we spend not even a penny for our health.

Waist material accumulated inside our body must be expelled out.  All the toxicity within the body must be flushed out.

To do that we must maintain

  • healthy diet
  • regular physical activity at least for 30 minutes daily.
  • Reduce using of mobile phones, tablets
  • When using laptops or mobiles take the break after 20 minutes, close your eyes for 2 to 3 minutes, massage and then start your work.

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