Home remedies to cleanse the Liver

How to detox the liver

Read this and you will start detoxifying your liver.

Detoxification of the liver is very important for our body.  The liver does many metabolic processes which are very important for our body.

Once the liver is healthy, you will experience amazing benefits like weight loss, energy full, strengthen the immune system, and vitality etc.


–          Makes proteins which prevent blood from clotting and other functions.

–          Liver cleans blood up-and-coming from the digestive area.

–          Makes Proteins, carbohydrates, and metabolism

–          Eliminates harmful chemicals from our body

–          Environmental toxins

Too much consumption of alcohol leads to cirrhosis, Hepatitis and other liver function related diseases.

Detoxification is a process where our body eliminates toxins, gets nourishment, and resting.

“Detoxify your internal organs- the Best way to prevent from diseases.”

Liver cleansing food

–          Garlic- contains a compound that flushes out toxins from our body.  It has selenium, sulphur which supports thyroid glands and assists in the detoxification process.

–          Vegetables – green vegetables are always a good source of minerals.  Like spinach, big leafy vegetables will

–          Grapefruit- citrus fruits like lemons, oranges.  As they are high in Vitamin C which helps to detoxify the liver.  These fruits are also rich in antioxidants due to which liver increases the production of enzymes to flush out the carcinogenic and other toxins.

–          Avocado- can control the weight.  A good amount of fibre in Avocado which helps in weight loss.  Avocado

–          Walnut- As per the research, eating walnut improves liver function.

–          Turmeric – curcumin a compound found in the turmeric has the potential to strengthen our immune system.  Many ways to use turmeric.  Like putting in milk, warm water with turmeric etc. the best way is to drink a lukewarm turmeric water early in the morning.

Ignore these foods

Food like preserved meat, deep fried foods, artificial flavours,

Symptoms of liver

Bleeding or easy bruising



Jaundice (white eyes and yellow skin colour)

Diseases of liver



Liver cancer

Liver failure

Fatty liver disease

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