How to Plan 10 minutes Workout

10 Minutes Body fitness

Do you want to make yourself physically fit!  being active throughout the day will relish and cherish memories as well as enhanced work performance also.  If you search over the google you will find various methods and exercising modules which are very confusing and tiresome.  To utilize the effectiveness and proper utilize time, some basic workouts then do the following every morning for 10 minutes

  1. Select a basic stretching exercises as per your convenience and available time for e.g. stretching of back muscles, legs and pelvis muscles , hand and shoulder specially shoulder joints and neck cervical stretching, flexibility.
  2. Select one or two exercise and do for 7 days and then change to new exercise which you enjoy.  after another 7 days again change or repeat the earlier one, this will create interest and joy while doing exercise.
  3. Whenever you start your exercise first do it for a short duration and increase the duration of exercise.
  4. Be consistent and focus on your exercise
  5. Set a bench-marking and do challenge yourself for 20 days or 30!!!
  6. First, try to achieve small targets & set higher parameters!!!
  7. Make a schedule of workout and not simply doing whenever you have time!
  8. Try any fitness mobile app to achieve your exercise target!!!
  9. Use pedometer, will help you to track the number of steps you take each day!!!
  10. Schedule rest time

weight Loss Exercises

  1. Cardio [jogging, walking, jumping, skipping]
  2. Aerobics
  3. Games [playing games e.g, football, badminton, tennis,]
  4. Cycling

I hope this daily routine of 10 to 15 minutes workout consistently will definitely improve in physique but will also let your release stress and reactivate muscles.

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