Text Font that aid memory retention

Text Font that aid memory retention

There are many ways to boost memory. But recent studies and researchers from Melbourne RMIT university has discovered a remarkable text writing font “Sans Forgetica” We all use MS-word for writing creating content.  Try this font one time and see how easily you will be able to retain the content.

“Typeface scientifically designed to remember study notes!” [s]

You can also use the chrome extension to read the webpage in Sans Forgetica.  But one thing to be noted that too much use may fade the effect of memory boost.  So occasionally you must use this font will boost your memory.

Researchers at RMIT University, Australia, say that this font has ideal obstacle necessary to remember information. They say that this font is created in such a way that when you read the content the empty space in the character makes your brain to fill in the blanks.  In this way making your memory to read harder which helps in aiding memory further.

Further, the researchers say that “using this font with text writing using this font makes it harder for the memory to ready”. This is good for the student and this font helps them to remember what they read.

This font is based on the principle of desirable difficulty.

Today’s digital world each and every one is using smartphone, tablets, and laptops for reading news, work etc.  you must install this font “Sans Forgetica” to boost your memory.


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