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Everything you need to know about alkaline water and its benefits

You surely have heard about alkaline or alkaline water once or number of time. alkaline is an agent in water that is external, for which you may have heard that it controls the body PH level or also as an anti aging agent in water.  In this blog i shared everything you need to know about alkaline water and its benefits. Now the question arises

What really it is…..???

We all know that water boosts our energy, delivers important nutrients to all of our cells, especially muscles cells, and also gives you rid of fatigue. Alkaline in water enhances its qualities and its purity. We can define alkaline as PH level, like ph of 1 would be acidic and ph of 13 would be very alkaline.

Normally drinking water has a natural ph of 7, alkaline water has ph of 8 or 9. Alkaline water is controversial there isn’t enough research to support health claims made by consumers and sellers.

There are some studies suggests that alkaline water might be helpful and beneficial, also there are few studies that states that having alkaline water ay gives you high blood pressure, diabetes and high cholesterol.

In despite the lack of proven scientific research, supports of alkaline still stands with its proposed health benefits which includes many, like it works  as an antiaging  agent in water. It works as an antioxidants that absorbs were quickly into human body its also have colon cleansing properties, it enhances the functioning of immune system of your body, hydration and detoxifying is also its properties. Supporters or proponents of alkaline water also do believe that it can help you to reduce body weight and works as an resistant to cancer.


Inspite of beneficiaries of alkaline water it also way produce negative outcomes and side effects.

Too much or too less of anything is harmful to body. We all know that excess of alkaline in body can cause gastrointestinal issues and skin irritations can also give you cancer, may give stomach acidity. Too much of alkaline may out you in nausea, vomiting confusion, stress blood pressure fluctuation and also muscles twitching. Excessive alkaline can also decrease in free calcium in body which may lead you to orthopaedic disease.

Water that is naturally alkaline occurs when water passes through rivers and stones picking up minerals from it, but many people who drink alkaline water they go to buy so….

Is it safe…

Markets, advertisers and sellers gives you surety and claims about it benefits, despite it medical experts warn against believing all the marketing claims.

If you want to take these benefits from alkaline water, go for natural way, naturally processed alkaline water, according to experts, many people who drink alkaline water that’s been through chemical process is called electrolysis.

You should be cautious in consuming alkaline water. Also be aware, drinking too much alkaline water may lead you to deficient in minerals.


Healthy bones

Though an acidic or excessive acidic body causes minerals cutting from your bones, alkaline water is something that maintains the density of bones by disrupting the excess calcium.


Detoxification means cleansing and purification of body, alkaline water do the same to your body While acidic water kills cell walls and destroys the metabolic function, alkaline water detoxifies and repairs all the functions.


Healthy blood pressure, minerals deficiencies precipitated by consuming acidic substances will raise blood pressure, in contrast , rich alkaline water has been shown to improve mineral uptake even in those who have had a difficulties in absorbing essential minerals.

Works as antioxidants and hydrating agent, it prompts antioxidants level in human body and also hydrates human body. It is faster than normal drinking plane water.

Works as life saviour, alkaline water by the sodium carbonate which traps the sodium ion and saves the poisoning victim from dying the whole process is called ion trapping.

Weight loss, alkaline water is also known as ionized water, and ionized water maintains ph level in body which in results promotes healthy, natural weight loss excessive acid in body leads to a fat and obesity, raising in alkalinity can promote healthy and natural weight loss.

Activeness, in this industrialized world, activeness is must. Drinking water is healthy, but drinking alkaline water has benefits for active and healthy lifestyle. If water hydrates your body, alkaline water super hydrates your body! It also maintains the body temperature.


Apart from alkaline water benefits whch you have use above, alkaline has many other uses also like soaking, sprouting seeds, nuts, legumes, grains, and more. Makes healthier smoothies removes pesticides waxes and chemicals from fruits and vegetables and also good for any recipe that calls for water.

Optimal routine to have alkaline water…

According to experts, should have minimum 6-8 glasses of alkaline water  everyday, for hydration it will detox you. Alkaline water releases acidic toxins, stored over time. It also helps you to get rid of kidney stones as it easily gets dissolves in alkaline solution.

Alkaline water role in athletic enhancement…

Sportsperson, athletes and other are aware that exercise is important things that they can do for their health.

Despite, exercise produces free radicals and lactic acid which cause sore muscles pain cramps etc. and also lowers the PH  level in body.

Alkaline water proves itself as dispersing agent as well as, it gives you more energy and increases your recovery rate, cuts lactic acid gives you endurance improves functioning of internal organs, improves the oxygen delivery.

Improves hair and skin health…

Beauty or healthy skin is at the top of each priority list nowadays, whether its men or women. People go for harsh chemical treatments, chemical beauty products like cream and others. Especially women, they go for makeup most of the time, but after having having alkaline water you can have it naturally with null negative reaction on skin. It is one of the best thing that you can do to your skin health. And you can see the results in very short duration.

You can see improved skin tone, clarity in skin and elasticity. Drinking alkaline water is just like having spa or oxygen facial. Drinking it in appropriate manner, then it has that potential to provide you 10X more oxygen to your body.

At the end of discussion of goods and bads, pros and cons. You find more good effects than bad ones or more bads than good ones. It could be that you simply don’t like the taste of it, but at the end of the day your water and mineral intake will decide the conclusions and consequences.

We all want a stress less life and healthy life, and above from all a good personality that comes with healthy lifestyle and healthy intake. Go for water or alkaline water instead of thousands of medicines, chemical products, and beautification creams etc. because healthy life gives you stress less life and glowing skin.

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