Ways to live life

Do you want to live your life to the fullest?  How do you feel every day when you wake up.  How do you feel every moment.  What do you want from your life.  What is the purpose of your life. 

All these questions comes to each and every human being but some try to discover it and some try to think and forget the next moment.

Don’t waste your time.  Time is limited, use it wisely.  Listen to your inner voice.  Have courage to follow your heart intuitions.

Here are some ways which i feel  can help to live life to the fullest.

 Live every day

Don’t get carried away by the past or any thing happened yesterday.   Start your day with fresh new start and you have to achieve what you want and you  want to live your life to the fullest.  Time is very short to held back of things happened yesterday, before a week or a year.

True to yourself

Try to be true to yourself. Don’t try to please or satisfy other or someone else.  One cannot satisfy other in whole life.  You can convince other and try to.  Best is to be natural of yourself rather than trying to pretend what you are not.

Don’t Complain

It is your life and you have to live your life to the fullest.  Stop complaining,  focus on solving your problem.  For every problem there is a solution, instead of wasting time try to utilise and solving it better.

Key – What , Why & How

Focus on what you want, why you want and how you are going to achieve.  Everything is possible, it is only a matter of mind set.  Before you begin, try to set your soul, heart and mind. 

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