How to reduce abdomen obesity

Accumulation of too much fat in body has negative effect.  Obesity creates a greater risk to our health.  People living in countries specially United States and European country do face chronic obesity disease which is a great risk on health.

We do lot of things to reduce the stomach obesity for e.g. wearing lose clothes, do not go to public place, avoid meeting people, and do take lot of stress. Obesity make us look awkward but also make us ugly and is a serious concern for health.  Due to obesity our body is contaminated with lot of other diseases.  There is no way to run away from obesity instead now is the time to face and make our body obesity free.  Therefore it is necessary to get rid from obesity.  Let us know the simple methods to get rid from obesity:-


Fat doesn’t come in a day and not does it go away in a day.  For this we have to change our daily routines  with balanced diet food and continuous daily workout exercises will balance our body and churn the fat equally.  Firstly avoid eating junk food and oily food which is cholesterol rich and high in LDL (low density lipoprotein).  Secondly drink plenty of water through out the day. Third do brisk walk whenever and wherever possible, which helps our body to burn the accumulated fat and convert into energy.

Diet plan

  • Make a diet plan, there are plenty of diet plans available on the web can select according to once choice.
  • Eating food which are rich in fiber.
  • Prefer eating steam food rather than going for oily and more of masala rich food.
  • Eat plenty of salad while having lunch / dinner or even when feel empty stomach go for salad (cucumber, carrot, etc) rather than eating junk food or oily food.
  • Do take meal on time and regularly. Do not skip meals, instead take salads if in a situation of delay in taking meal.

Importance of Vitamin C

If we are in too much stress situation or lifestyle is full of stress, due to stress the cortisone harmone level in our body increases.  Intake of vitamin C reduces and balances the level of cortisone  in our body. Carnitine which helps to burn the fat.  Fruits like oranges, tomato, lemon, capsicum etc and other citrus fruits are available in good quantity.

Benefit of Omega-3, fatty acids

Omega-3 fatty acids are very beneficial to our body.  Fish is a rich source of omega-3 but then in India there are people who donot eat non-veg foods.  So for them Flaxseeds is a boon and is a rich source of omega-3.  Apart from flaxseeds,  cauliflower, walnut, cabage.

Right exercise

There a many different exercises performed on the web which do definitely benefit but making exercise consistently will definitely improve.  Most important select exercise which makes gives activity to our muscles of every part of body.  For reducing belly fat cardio exercise is the best one.  One can use yoga also to practice daily for reducing belly fat.

These are the certain key points if performed regularly and daily for at least 30 to 60 minutes workout on cardio and brisk walking for 30 minutes or at least 12000 steps per day will make our each part of body muscles to activate resulting in metabolism activity which in turn start to burn the accumulated extra fat from the body.

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